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Ex-Resident Recovery Stories

We appreciate opportunities to celebrate recovery stories with people (some people are happy to include their name others are not) who have been a resident at LHTC. 

We hope sharing stories of recovery will contribute to inspiring each other to live life free from addiction. Please send anything you would like to share to lhtcadministrator@btconnect.com

All information included on this page has been posted with the individuals permission. 

David has established a community cinema (details can be found HERE) and shared his story with the local press at Christmas 2015. Please click HERE. 

In October 2016 we celebrated 10 years of providing services to people in recovery. People who came shared some of their memories of LHTC with us. Please click HERE to read. 

One of our ex-residents contacted Keith in March 2018 to say they had found some files on a old laptop, including something written one week after they left treatment in 2011. Please click HERE to read their story.

In June 2018 one of our recently complered residents offered to tell her story of recovery. Read it HERE.