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Student Unit Feedback

Littledale Hall Student Unit has provided placements since it opened in 2006. Over the last 10 years we have supported the following students on placement at the centre; social work, nursing, therapists, clinical psychologist, counsellors, medical. We look forward to welcoming each new student and offer everyone opportunities to evaluate their learning experience to help ensure we continue to offer high quality training and education opportunities at LHTC. Any feedback included below is with permission of the individual. Student Unit Coordinator (Annie) can be contacted using this address: lhtcannie@btconnect.com.

Individual Comments

I completed my 2nd year Dramatherapy placement at LHTC and couldn't have had a better and more supportive time. Staf and residents were great (Rowanne 2016).

As the learning areas were so diverse within the placement many questions arose when working with individuals. Further, I had many questions about therapeutic communities and psychodrama. Time was always made to answer any questions which enabled me to learn a great deal from the placement (Rachel Social Work Student 2016). 

Being a student on my first placement, I couldn’t have asked for anywhere better. The support and consistency of the staff was outstanding and it created a rich learning environment for myself. I learnt so many different skills that will aid my future practice and the residents were truly wonderful people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Littledale Hall and getting to see the remarkable success of the residents. There’s nowhere quite like it, an amazing experience I will never forget (Emma Student Social Worker 2015). 

I've never been to a rehabilitation unit before and so I had preconceived ideas about what Littledale would be like.  I thought it would be very sterile and clinical where people would be treated in a hospital-like environment.  But it wasn't like that at all.  As soon as I walked through the doors I realised I had got it completely wrong.  We were bombarded with offers of cups of tea and coffee, what we'd like for lunch, introductions (so many names and friendly faces), I could feel the warmth immediately.  It was a warm, friendly environment where I found treatment to be holistic, based around a functioning community, social interactions, treatment elements and certainly, and refreshingly, not around medical interventions (Liz Medical Student pre 2015).